Dominelli School of Music - Piano Private Lessons

Piano Private Lessons

North Edmonton Location: 
Private 1/2 hour weekly classes - $24.50 per lesson billed at the first of each month. 

St. Albert Location:
Private 1/2 hour weekly classes - $24.75 per lesson billed at the first of each month

Our private lessons focus on what the student is looking to learn.  Working with our instructors, each student will set personal goals and a curriculum will be designed to reach them. Whether you are a beginner or already accomplished musician, this is your place to learn, develop, and grow.   

Private instructions are one-on-one with a teacher specializing in the instrument and style of your choice. Lessons are scheduled on the same day and at the same time each week. Lessons can be a half-hour in length (this is appropriate for beginners) or a full hour in length (this is appropriate for intermediate or advanced students).

* Times may be flexible - for example you can take a half hour of the hour time slot, or you can turn two half hour time slots into an hour long lesson.  Please register online using the 'Enroll Now' button or call the office at 780-488-8515 and we will help you pick your spot.  


Meet Our Piano Teachers

  • Nicole Gallaway

    Nicole Gallaway

    Piano Teacher
  • Keirra Vellow

    Keirra Vellow

    Piano & Vocal Teacher
  • Rebecca Forbes

    Rebecca Forbes

    Piano & Vocal Teacher
  • Adrianne Salmon

    Adrianne Salmon

    Vocal & Piano Teacher
  • Brett Sheehan

    Brett Sheehan

    Piano Teacher
  • Marissa Karpiak

    Marissa Karpiak

    Piano Teacher
  • Sara Lorenz

    Sara Lorenz

    Piano Teacher
  • Geoff Li

    Geoff Li

    Piano Teacher