Dominelli School of Music - Project Vibe - Artist Development Program

Project Vibe - Artist Development Program

Dominelli Music is excited to introduce PROJECT VIBE.  

Artists of all ages, genres and levels of ability have figured out the trick to being successful in the music industry - focus, commitment to their craft, and a support system of musicians and industry professionals. Project Vibe is here to help guide you through developing these tools, and your confidence as an artist through our intensive program. Led by Juno nominated artist, Sandro Dominelli, Project Vibe is a dynamic system of artist support and creation, intended to foster the unique needs and desires of the musician as they shape their sound, image, and future in music. 

We start our program by meeting with each individual musician, hearing their songs, listening to their aspirations, and developing a personalized plan including goals for the year and a strategy on how to achieve them. Once in our semester based program, our musicians will experience a full artistic support system including instrument specific lessons, artist development, and music industry coaching. Their experience can change each semester, so an artist can move from being a songwriter one semester into a band the next, or pursue an acoustic duo project after that.  Their creative experience is their own and our team is there to guide them through this process. 

What sorts of things will we work on in PROJECT VIBE?

- Create your sound.  Instrument specific coaching will shape your unique voice – be it your guitar tone, your drum sound, your vocal styling. This is where we identify what makes you different – and special.  

- Develop your style.  Once you have created your sound, we will help you with your stage performance style development.  How to speak to your audience, create your “look”, project your unique beliefs through your music, and build a platform for an audience to believe in you. 

- Get into the studio. Every 12 months the artists in our program will have the opportunity to record a professional 2 track EP. With lots of practice sessions and opportunity to spend time getting comfortable in the studio, you will gain invaluable experience recording your artistic growth each season. 

- Develop your brand. What is your band name? What colors, fonts, format, look are you going for in your marketing. Everything from creating a social media handle to your full promotional package and bio.  

- Perform, perform, and perform more. Being on stage, and gaining those experiences will shape your career, sound, and entire vision for your music. You will receive no less than 4 performance opportunities per year, and the longer you are in our program, the more opportunities you will receive. 

What do PROJECT VIBE members receive?

Weekly instrument specific instruction (private or semi-private lessons)
Weekly artistic coaching with industry professionals
Alberta Music Membership
Performances - Guaranteed minimum of 4 per year, including performance at Northside Vibe Festival
Annual 2 Track Demo Recording
Annual Promotional Photos and Booking Package Preparation

What does it cost to be a member? 

* Proceeds from Project Vibe go back into the program in an effort to provide more opportunity and education to our artists.  Funds also go into producing the annual Northside Vibe Festival.  We are a non-profit society committed to inspiring confidence and creativity in emerging artists. 

#BEINABAND For The First Time (minimum 4 members)
Time: 1 hour weekly of instruction (1/2 hour instrument lesson and 1/2 hour band session) 
Amount Students Pay Per Lesson: $32.25 each lesson, including GST billed at the first of each month. 

#BEINABAND and Serious About It (minimum 4 members)
Time: 1.5 hours weekly of instruction (1 hour instrument lesson and 1/2 hour band session)
Amount Students Pay Per Lesson: $42.25including GST billed at the first of each month. 

Time: 1 hour weekly of instruction (1/2 hour instrument lesson and 1/2 hour artist session)
Amount Students Pay Per Lesson: $47.25including GST billed at the first of each month. 

Amount Students Pay Per Lesson: $44.75including GST billed at the first of each month. 
Time: 1 hour weekly of instruction (1/2 hour instrument lesson and 1/2 hour artist session)

Time: 1 hour weekly of instruction (1/2 hour instrument lesson and 1/2 hour trio)
Monthly Tuition: $42.25including GST billed at the first of each month. 

Where do PROJECT VIBE members have their instruction? 
In our custom artist facility in St. Albert, Alberta - right off the Anthony Henday and Campbell Road. #70, 55 Chevigny Street. 

How to get into Project Vibe?  Your first step will be to schedule an artist meeting with Brandy Dominelli to make a plan to suit your individual schedule, budget, and artistic ambitions.  Fill out the below form to start the process of becoming a member of Project Vibe or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.