Dominelli School of Music - Rock Kids For Families

Rock Kids For Families


Rock Kids For Families 

1 - 5 Years Old 
Sponsored by The Jordan Family

Take your child's busy energy and put it into learning how to Rock N' Roll!  We will have your toddler making music using only items you have in your home such as pots and pans, spoons, clapping, singing and more! From Taylor Swift to the Beatles to Queen and everything in between, you and your toddler will learn the foundations of music through songs that everyone loves. During the semester, our comprehensive and progressive curriculum will focus on building important musical skills – holding a steady beat, fine motor skills, and will incorporate kinesthetic learning by interacting with real (home-made) instruments.  

All online classes feature a weekly instructional video with student assignment, a community where you will post your video or photo assignment, teacher feedback, and lots of fun ideas and resources to keep you learning music from the comfort of your own home.  

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