Dominelli School of Music - Students With Disabilities

Students With Disabilities

All music lessons at Dominelli School of Music are inclusive, and families of children with disabilities or adults with disabilities can register for any of our programs and will be receive all supports and benefits of the Odyssey Project with no additional cost or expense.  When registering please note that the student has a disability so that Dominelli Music can provide full Odyssey Project supports. 

Contact us at 780-488-8515 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register for The Odyssey Project.

The Odyssey Project is a dramatic new way to approach music education for individuals with disabilities, simultaneously focusing on inclusion and individuality. We recognize that every student’s learning strategy and ability is different, and we want to honour that in an environment where every student is welcome no matter their background or ability.

This program is not intended to simply apply existing teaching methods but to instead learn from students, adapt methodologies, and develop new practices unique to the particular student. The goal of the program is to dynamically and continuously determine the best teaching method for each student. Dominelli School of Music has always challenged the one-size-fits-all curriculum. We know that this is not optimal for most students, especially those who have additional learning and adaptive requirements in the classroom.

Dominelli School of Music, who pride themselves in accepting and including any student no matter their ability, is proud to offer The Odyssey Project which will ensure that students who have additional or unique learning requirements have access to the materials and supports they need to succeed in music.

Music education has benefits extending far beyond the creative arts. It can help teach mathematics skills, enhance learning, develop comprehension skills, improve communication, provide a space for emotional expression, teach perseverance, improve discipline, and so much more. Music education plays an even more important role for those with visible and invisible disabilities. It can enhance motor development, facilitate communication and speech skills, and provide communication for those who are non-verbal. Additionally music education can create a social space to integrate students of all abilities and aptitudes. Finally, and possibly most importantly, music can become a positive outlet for the frustrations those with disabilities may be experiencing in life.

No matter what disability or disabilities a student may have, we will work hard to ensure they have the same access to music education as any other student.

Here’s what you can expect as a participant in The Odyssey Project:
1.         Teachers who are highly trained and passionate about music
2.         Teachers who have experience using multiple and flexible learning strategies
3.         Teachers who have had extensive training in working with students with individual and multiple disabilities including: physical, cognitive, intellectual, developmental, etc.
4.         One-on-one strategy meetings and programme plans developed collaboratively between teachers, parents/students, and the Disability Learning Coordinator
5.         Adapted materials required to enhance learning
6.         You can expect to pay the same as any other student at Dominelli School of Music who does not require these additional resources 

If you or your child are looking for a place where students with disabilities will be accepted, respected, and empowered through music, The Odyssey Project is the program for you!

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 780-488-8515 to learn more or to register for The Odyssey Project.