Dominelli School of Music - Speech & Language Through Music

Speech & Language Through Music

Speech & Language Through Music - The Odyssey Project

Ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, 13-18, Adult
$199 for 12 Weeks - 1/2 hour each week
*Limited enrollment, only 4 students per class.


So many parents of children with special needs report to us that although their children do not converse in traditional ways, they sing everything.  This inspired us to look deeper into why, and how?  This program supports the way in which our brains respond to music and language, and use that understanding to support verbal communication through the use of music. The ability of music to build new neural connections in our brains has been well documented, at all ages.  Our experienced educators will guide the class through experiencing music in a way that actively supports the unique learning needs of each student.  Students will have the opportunity to rock out on drums, explore the piano and identify fundamental notes, strum basic chords on the ukulele, and sing.  Throughout the semester, students will work on writing their own song and will complete the program with a live performance for friends and family.  

Here’s what you can expect as a participant in The Odyssey Project:
1.         Teachers who are highly trained and passionate about music
2.         Teachers who have experience using multiple and flexible learning strategies
3.         Teachers who have had extensive training in working with students with individual and multiple disabilities including: physical, cognitive, intellectual, developmental, etc.
4.         One-on-one strategy meetings and programme plans developed collaboratively between teachers, parents/students, and the Disability Learning Coordinator
5.         Adapted materials required to enhance learning
6.         You can expect to pay the same as any other student at Dominelli School of Music who does not require these additional resources