Dominelli School of Music - Group Music Therapy For Supporting Various Needs

Group Music Therapy For Supporting Various Needs

Ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
$199 for 12 Weeks - 1/2 hour each week
North Edmonton 
*Limited enrollment, only 4 students per class.


All children are welcome in Music Therapy at Dominelli School of Music. Music therapists are trained to identify the needs and goal areas of individuals and will focus on the following needs, determined based on the needs of the specific individual or group:

Speech and Language
Formation of words and sounds
The flow of speech and sentences
Slurred or mumbled speech
Rate of speech

Social Skills
Making and maintaining eye contact
Having reciprocal conversations with peers
Turn Taking
Increasing appropriate social interaction
Interpreting social cues from peers
Making and maintaining friendships

Fine and Gross Motor Development
Hand-eye coordination
Manipulating and gripping objects
Performing various movements with the body (walking, jumping, climbing)
Gait training

Building self-confidence and self esteem
Emotional regulation
Experiencing meaningful musical experiences in an inclusive environment