Dominelli School of Music - Rock Your Socks Off

Rock Your Socks Off

1 - 2 Years Old
This Class Involves Parent Participation
$149 Per Semester (September-December or January-April or May-August)

Take your busy toddler's energy and put it into learning how to Rock N' Roll!  We will keep them busy strumming a guitar, beating a drum, playing the ukulele, and more. From Taylor Swift to the Beatles to Queen and everything in between, you and your toddler will learn the foundations of music through songs that everyone loves. During the semester, our comprehensive and progressive curriculum will focus on building important musical skills – holding a steady beat, fine motor skills, and will incorporate kinesthetic learning by interacting with real instruments!

Each class builds on the skills learned from the previous class, and run on a semester basis. Parents are also provided the opportunity to learn and develop their music skills, such as how to strum a guitar, so that you can continue the exposure to music at home with your little one.


Practice Drum Grooves. Learn the beat to We Will Rock You while you gain an understanding of different musical terms such as ostinato - all while your toddler learns with you and gets their hands on a real drum.

Learn Sign Language. After listening to World Is A Rainbow, learn the signs for world, rainbow, and people.

Play A Ukulele. Jam along to You Are My Sunshine, all while playing the notes on a real ukulele.

Sing Great Songs. Learn to sing In The Jungle - a-wim-ba-way, give your child a chance to practice pitch and enunciation.

To register for Rock Your Socks Off starting in January, please click here to complete our online form.