Dominelli School of Music - Summer Membership

Summer Membership

Step 1: Purchase Your Summer Music Membership

  Membership Booking Site, Sign up Now!  (deadline for memberships to keep your spot is May 31, 2019)

Until May 31, 2019 you can purchase your Summer Music Membership.  Select from a drop in pass for 4 or more private music lessons OR 1 week of summer camp that you will attend between July 1-August 31, 2019. From now until August 31, 2019, you will be able to schedule your summer private lessons using your Summer Music Membership.  

Note: The Summer Music Membership expires August 31, 2019 and lessons or credits will not be carried into the fall session. One Summer Music Pass per enrollment will be required (example: If you currently have a 1 hour lesson, or two half hour lessons each week, then you will require 1 pass per ½ hour you would like to pre-book for September).  Summer Music Passes are transferable and can be used by friends/family/siblings over the summer. This can be a great gift idea if you will be on vacation or would like to take a musical break, but would still like to pre-book for September. 

CLICK HERE to purchase your Summer Music Membership and learn more. 

Step 2: Pre-Book Your September Lesson Time

Between June 1-June 14, 2019 to pre-book your September lesson time, you must purchase a Summer Music Membership (4 or more private lessons or 1 week of summer camp) that you will attend between July 1st - August 31, 2019. Here are your options for pre-booking your September lesson time:

Option 1 - I Would Like To Keep My Current Lesson Time In September
If you remain enrolled in your current lesson time and would like to keep it for September, you have from now until May 31, 2019, to finalize your September pre-registration. For this, you must pay your June 1, 2019 tuition AND purchase your Summer Music Membership before June 1. We will hold your current lesson time(s) until June 15, 2019.

If you did not purchase a Summer Lesson Membership prior to June 1 and/or your June tuition fee was unpaid on June 1, your spot will come available for families to pre-book for September as of June 1 at 7am, so please be sure to purchase your Summer Lesson Membership and make sure your lesson time does not come available to other families.

Option 2 - I Would Like A New Lesson Time In September
On June 1 at 7:00 am, registration will open to pre-book your September lesson time for families who purchased a Summer Music Membership.  The available times for September lessons are on a first come first serve basis.  Families who purchase a Summer Music Membership will have first option to register current students or their siblings for September group classes.  


Registration for fall classes will open to families who did not purchase the Summer Music Membership and the public at 7am on June 15, 2019. You can call, email, or book online to register for September lessons when you are ready to come back.  All lessons are subject to availability as of the date of registration and we can not guarantee your current lesson time will be available at the time of registration for September.

In the summer booking site you can also book in for a drop-in music lesson anytime for $24.50 or enroll in any of our summer camps to continue your musical adventure over the summer months.