Dominelli School of Music - Kids Reiki Level I

Kids Reiki Level I

Ages 6 and up
Mondays April 20 & 27

Reiki is the spiritually guided Life Force energy that flows through everything in our Universe.  This class will teach children about the Life Force energy and how to use it to heal ourselves, others and our planet.  Having the Reiki attunement will bring in more self love and help strengthen each child's intuition and confidence in life.  
-Brief history of Reiki and the 5 Principles
-How to expand our light and protect our energy
-What our Aura & Chakras are
-Creating energy healing balls
-Receive the Level I Reiki attunement 
-Reiki for Self Healing, and as well as practising on others such as for plants, animals, and family members 
-Meditations to settle anxiety, find peace and connect to our Guardian Angels and Unicorns