Lessons For Students With Disabilities!

At Dominelli School of Music, we are proud to support students with disabilities as Edmonton and St. Albert’s only fully inclusive music, art and yoga school.  Our teachers are trained to support students with disabilities, and we even have a registered music therapist on site to provide many different options to support your family.  


Which Program Is Best For Me?

Music Lessons

$26.50 Per Half Hour Private Lesson OR Join Any of our Group Classes

Would your child love to learn an instrument – with the goal of playing a song and having fun through music?  With the benefit that music instruction supports gross and fine mortor skills, social skills, and emotional development.  The brain loves music!  If this is your wish, then music lessons for students with disabilities are for you.  Reach out to us at info@dominellimusic.com and tell us your story, and we will connect you with the perfect instructor.

Music Therapy

Online or In-Person
$52.50 Per Half Hour Private Session 

Do you have a therapeutic goal in mind such as improved gross or fine motor skills, speech or language outcomes, social skills, or behavioral outcomes?  Our Music Therapist creates a goal based approach and utilizes specific techniques and instruments to support improving the quality of life for her clients.  Having served over 100 clients at Dominelli Music, we have seen beautiful outcomes from our music therapy program.

Art Classes

Online or In-Person
$26.50 Per Half Hour Private Lesson OR Join any of our Group Classes

All of our art and yoga instructors are trained to support students with disabilities.  You can either schedule a private art or yoga class or you can build-a-class option, you can create the perfect style of class to support your interests.  All art and yoga teachers are trained in mindfulness to support emotional regulation and general well-being in our students.


Autism Edmonton

Dominelli Music and Autism Edmonton Video.

Meet Quincy. He and his family are long time friends and students of Dominelli Music. Quincy has Autism and this video tells you all about his passions and his incredible support team and community.   Dominelli School of Music understands that every student can learn and grow through music, art, and yoga given a caring teacher and supportive environment in North Edmonton and St. Albert. 

Students With Disabilities Served

Fully Trained Teachers

Music Therapist




In October 2019, CNIB Foundation Alberta North/NWT had the privilege of partnering with Dominelli School of Music!  Our blind and partially blind children and youth love Dominelli Programs:  Accessible Art with (is the instructors name Jen?) and Music Therapy with Melissa Murphy!

Kara Aramini

Program Lead, Children and Youth
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Alberta North & NWT

We heard about Dominelli Music through the special needs community, where word of good programs travels fast! Melissa (Music Therapist) worked with our son Griffin in a 1:1 setting, as that’s where we all decided would be a better fit for him right now.   Melissa developed an individualized program for him, based on his sensory needs and preferences for music with repetition of lyrics and beats.  She took some of his favourites (Raffi, Barefoot Books, Pete the Cat) and developed music literacy that allowed him to participate and communicate with his device, as he is nonverbal.  With Covid restrictions, she adapted further our zoom lessons so he could continue the progress he has made.  We are very happy and thankful for this music program.  

Andree Busenius

Parent of Music Therapy Client